when you're expecting...

a fresh 48 session

the first 48

First 48 sessions are a great alternative to birth photography. This type of session allows the parents to have some time to rest and get photo-ready after labor!.

With fresh 48 sessions, I happily travel to where you gave birth, whether that's a home birth, at a birthing center, or in the hospital.


The goal of a fresh 48 is to capture many of the firsts that go by in a blink of an eye, as well as to preserve precious memories of the baby's quickly changing appearance. If timed right, this may include the baby's first bath, first diaper change, first snuggles with their siblings, and all the little details of where you gave birth. You can also expect photos of the baby's hands and feet, lips, belly, and all the lil rolls. Oh, and definitely getting some love from their parents!


  • It's helpful to give the photographer a heads-up when you're going into labor in order to prepare, but upon being told the baby is here accommodations will be made as best as possible.
  • Pack your hospital bag with an outfit that you would like to have photos taken in. My recommendation is to keep it comfortable and neutral. But please, no words or graphics.
  • Having the baby changed and dressed before the photographer arrives is helpful so we can focus on capturing some beautiful memories.