What to expect...

for a lifestyle newborn session

First off, thank you so incredibly much for considering bringing me in to capture a snippet of your beautiful family!

Lifestyle newborn sessions are such a blast! These sessions are always at a slower pace, as I work on your baby's time, and not so much on my own. Because of this, lifestyle sessions last up to a couple of hours. For these sessions, I come to you! No need to pack up the kiddos and spend time driving around and organizing everything, the beauty of lifestyle photography is that I capture your life as it truly is within the walls of your home.

Something I love to emphasize is that it is so beyond okay and definitely expected for babies to cry and for kids to not want to participate. Please, don't stress or feel bad when the session feels a little off track due to that. I promise, it's normal, it's expected, it's welcomed. No judgment here! I assure you, you'll still end up with some beautiful and timeless photos.

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

Winnie the POoh


a fed baby is a happy baby

I recommend feeding your little one around twenty minutes before your session is scheduled to start. This way your baby will have a higher chance of being relaxed and sleepy for their photoshoot.